EVs will 'remain the preserve of the wealthy' without more incentives

Bragg’s policies are a shock to some of those who voted for new Mayor Eric Adams (pictured) on his promise that he would crack down on the city’s worsening crime problem

Despite that, there are still concerns over the shortage of HGV drivers.

The Government announced on Friday that 300 fuel drivers would be able to come to Britain from abroad ‘immediately’ as part of a bespoke visa programme that will last until March.

What makes the Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus fuel system cleaner so popular (it’s the top cleaning product on Amazon) is that it works in all kinds of vehicles — cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs and more to clean the fuel injection system — so long as they run on gasoline. Chevron makes a different Techron product for diesel engines. Between the cleaner’s versatility and its high customer ratings (Amazon users have given it a 4.6 out of 5), it’s no wonder that analysts and consumers alike swear by it.

NEW DELHI, Sept 15 (Reuters) – India’s cabinet on Wednesday approved an incentive scheme for the automobile sector aimed at boosting production of electric and hydrogen fuel-powered vehicles and promoting the manufacture of drones.

There is one thing to be aware of in regard to updates. Google Chrome devices have an Auto Update Expiration date. Non-Google hardware is only supported for so long before it stops receiving Chrome OS and browser updates. For models released in 2020, the date is roughly 7 to 8 years from the initial release of the device, but that’s not always the case. Google maintains a list of AUE dates for all models and it’s definitely worth checking before you buy a Chromebook, new or used. 

Analysis of price rises in the last year shows the cost of a second-hand car has risen more than £1,600, a tank of fuel is up more than £10 and the price of a pint of beer is creeping close to £4

The parent company of brands including Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen, Alfa Romeo and many more was forced to pause production at eight of its 44 global factories in the first quarter of the year – and Ankara Oto Kurtarma as a result produced 190,000 fewer cars than originally projected.

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Chevron offers a full lineup of fuel additives for a variety of applications.

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